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The demand for performance coaches has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Companies have understood that in order for them to gain maximum revenues, they need to invest in and encourage the well-being of their employees. This, more than anything else, has seen a large demand for performance coaches.

What is a Performance Coach?

As the corporate world gets more and more hectic, people have come to realize the importance of a healthy working environment for their employees. You, as a performance coach, can work with these employees and facilitate their acceleration and growth both as a person and a worker. In simpler terms, a performance coach helps their clients reach their true and maximum potential.

What does a Performance Coach do?

A performance coach uses psychological tactics to help you overcome the obstacles that you are facing in fulfilling your maximum potential. A person’s performance at work may dip because of a myriad of reasons, it could be emotional, something related to personal life or anything else. A performance coach digs deep and finds the reason behind the lack of activity and then works around it to help their clients come out of the rut.

By guiding their clients through such negative emotions and energy they help them be more active during work and not suffer from burnout and stress-related issues. As a performance coach, you will always be present with your clients, giving them honest feedback and helping them feel empowered enough to make game-changing professional decisions and take positive actions.

A good performance coach can help their clients in the following fields:

a) Become a solution miner: People usually get stuck at solving problems. It is either the weight of their past failures that stop them from coming up with solutions or it is their lack of self-belief or it is their tendency of leaving tough things for higher ups or those who they feel are more “qualified” to handle things like these.

By giving them that extra boost to their self-belief and capabilities, you, as a performance coach, can help them truly express themselves by mining for solutions and solving problems on their own.

b) Have a more fruitful professional life: By making your clients come out of their shell and express themselves more, you will help them have more meaningful relationships professionally. Usually, people don’t network as much because of a lot of factors which are bogging them down, which in turn makes them isolate themselves. Working with a performance coach will help them grow in all areas of their professional lives and not make them miss out on networking opportunities.

c) Employee performance: Just to wrap things up, if you are going to help your clients come out of their shell and make them have more fruitful relationships in work, it goes without saying that their overall job performance is going to improve as well.

There are several reasons why people hire a performance coach:

a) Next level in their business: When people want to get visible enough to be promoted they want to gain an edge over the rest of their competition. Competition in a corporate world is very cutthroat and everyone is out looking for their own benefit. Having a performance coach will give them the competitive edge and the confidence to believe in themselves. As a performance coach, you will help them overcome any hurdles that are stopping them from excelling in their professional lives.

b) Start their own jobs: It is always a daunting challenge when someone is setting out on their own. To take this step one needs to be mentally prepared for the amount of work that they will have to do. It can get very overwhelming for those who are not prepared to take this step. As a performance coach, you can help them to achieve their dreams of starting out on their own getting them mentally prepared to take the next step.

c) Non-job related factors: More often than not, an individuals performance at work may dip because of factors in other facets of their life. More often than not it has been noted that people get affected by issues with their family or partners which greatly deteriorates their work quality. A performance coach works with an individual and makes them cope and come to terms with all the negative energy that is going on around them. They help them understand why those various issues are happening and what they can do about them.

d) Major professional setbacks: One of the biggest deterrents for most people is facing a string of failures. Most people don’t have the courage to bounce back from repeated failures and that’s alright, we are all human after all. At one point people do start questioning their abilities and that is always a killer. Once someone starts doubting themselves that is when they will stop growing. As a performance coach, you can help people understand why they failed and make them realise that failure is part of their growth. Using psychology you can help them embrace those failures and work around their doubts. This is one of the best ways that you can help your clients regain their confidence and realise their potential.

e) Long-term future planning: Most people are blissfully ignorant of what they want in the long run, and even if they are aware they simply do not know how to reach those goals. As a performance coach, you can give them a strategy which they can follow to achieve their goals. You must keep them accountable to make sure that they religiously following their goals and not being complacent about it.

Should you become a performance coach?

If you are the kind of person who gets immense satisfaction from seeing someone gain unprecedented happiness and satisfaction from following your advice then this is perfect for you. Have you always been the person who helped their friends out in their professional lives and made them feel empowered and gain clarity? Does your vision of your own success lie in you enabling others to gain their happiness? If yes, then you were born to be a performance coach.

What is the difference between life coaching and performance coaching?

Both of them are very similar in a lot of aspects. In both of them, you take your clients for a state where they have low self-esteem and are full of doubts into a state where they are empowered and happy. However, the major difference between the two is the kind of clients that you are dealing with. While life coaching is all encompassing, in performance coaching you are mostly dealing with professionals..

About this certification program

This Performance Coach Certification Program has been specifically designed as a professional development certification program for Certified Life Coaches.

This is NOT A COURSE, it is a practical assignment based certification program that will give you the opportunity to put your coaching skills to the test, using two highly effective outcome based coaching programs.

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